I argued with a guy last year because he said racism is only alive in white people. That may be true in his mind, but that isn’t reality. He loves up north while I reside in Alabama.

I don’t think people understand the differences in the North and South. He is completely content with his friends up North, but says that there is still racism that people overlook. I completely agree. There is a large amount of racism especially in the slower developing areas such as up-state New York where I attend school. So, we are in agreement there. But to think that only white people are racist is plainly narrow minded.

He is discouraged by the racism up North meanwhile when I go to the gym to play ball, I put my name on the list second and oddly I don’t get on for 4,5,6 games. Now you don’t know the system they have at my gym, but a volunteer comes in every Sunday with a clipboard and piece of paper. You walk over tell him your name and he writes down the names “in chronological order” (yeah, right) in groups of five. You lose, you are off. Next five goes on. So how my name is 2nd on the list and he is always telling me I have next? I’m not stupid.

Don’t be ignorant. Yes, white people are much more open with their racial tendencies which is annoying I must add because I hate it so much, but don’t think it is one sided. The hatred that this world has is entered into all races no matter who you are.

Stop being ignorant and stop teaching racism. Our kids are going to suffer because of our ignorant ways.