What would we do? How could we survive without their motivation, or their eagerness to enlighten us on the problems in this world. I’m not sure we would be as informed in a comparison of today. Now, not everyone uses these people to inform themselves as much as I do. I use them as a newspaper that hits my door every morning in an effort to show me what I need to work on for the next twenty years of my life. They are my worldwide education. Ok, I’m done leaving you in suspense. I’m talking about negative people.

Have you ever met someone that you knew was going to find the problem in everything that crossed their path? When it comes to learning about your life negative people are the most important people to be around. Don’t twist my words though. I’m not saying you have to best friends with negative people so you can learn about problems around you. We all know that a negative attitude is just as contagious as a positive one, if not more. I’m saying its beneficial to sit back and listen.

Some of you may be appalled that I would ever tell you to sit back and listen to negative people. Of course it sounds heinous, but I do it whenever I can. They give you a better perspective on the simple problems that we have in this world. I solve problems in my life by listening to the negativity in theirs. The older friends I have are sitting on the couch complaining that they don’t have enough money to pay their bills. Yet, they refuse to work at a fast food restaurant because they aren’t “that level of poor.” Well isn’t that wonderful. They taught me that I need to pay my dues. I am a college student with slim to none experience which means that getting my dream job is not plausible right now. I still need to pay bills though. So, I find a job. I’ve worked at grocery stores, basketball camps, fast food restaurants and my favorite, a plumbing company. You know, pulling toilets out of the wall wasn’t that bad of a job. It was actually a stress reliever when I got to use the huge drill to pound out concrete, or the sledge hammer to break walls. (Just for further reference.)

Fact is, my parents didn’t command me to get a job as soon as I turned 16 years old. My parents worked their hardest to give me everything that I wanted and needed so that I wouldn’t have to work. I decided to get a job here and there anyway. It’s because of those negative people. They taught me that people without a job can’t be picky about what job they have. I have to pay my dues. And I will.

So the next time you get annoyed with one of those negative people that you just can’t stand to be around. You should probably sit back and listen. Although negative people don’t know they are educators, they teach me every day. They may annoy you sometimes, but in the end, what would we do without them?