I participate in a search that makes me feel even more alone than ever before. It feels like a never ending search. A search that begins with my friends and branches off into the young, the old, the rich and the poor. It feels as if there’s not one person out there like me. Not one person who hasn’t lost the one thing I am looking for, but I won’t give up. I won’t lose it.

Every negative post on facebook has it. Every adorable tweet on twitter has the opposite. How does it go so quickly and come back just as fast? The essence of our society banks on losing it every morning and gaining it back the next time they read an article about a cat saving a kid from a vicious dog, or a dad bringing his little girl out on an adorable date.

How did we lose our faith in humanity?

“My faith in humanity has been restored,” they say. The question is, when did it become damaged? I’m not sure how it became so easy for the faith in humanity to be damaged or lost… Weaklings.

I’ve spoken to my friends about the wretched words that they let roll off their tongue. “But it’s just an expression…” Bullshit. The epitome of losing faith is in your everyday lives. You can’t trust. You don’t believe anyone. You don’t even believe in your family. You even encourage other people to shut themselves off from the world in an effort to never get hurt. I guess what I’m trying to say is I won’t do it.

I won’t lose faith because I’m smarter than that. I won’t lose faith because I know for every horrible story we see on social media, there is another five positives that we didn’t hear about because all this world focuses on is the negative. Of course we have problems in this world. Mountains of problems actually. But it seems that the problems in our society make the triumphs disintegrate into thin air.

Don’t let faith go extinct. Don’t let the pessimists of the world tell you that there is nothing left for our species. The next time you think about saying, “This restored my faith in humanity.” I want you to ask yourself two questions.


Why did your faith leave? and When is it coming back to stay?

This was my guest blogpost on the http://aopinionatedman.com/ blog for anyone who doesn’t follow him… even though you should. Thanks to him for letting me be a guest blogger 🙂