In my opinion, they are the most worthless two words in the english language. I’m sorry is used as a gateway to not giving a shit. Plainly, it’s a way to jump from the path of consequence.

Think about all the people that have said “I’m sorry,” when it doesn’t hold any weight at all. All those times when your friends, “forgot you had plans,” and a simple” I’m sorry” was only good enough the first two times it happened.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that I am not a negative person. I try my best to stay positive in most things that I do and/or blog about. So, let me change the mood around.

There are ways to tell someone thank you and I’m sorry that hold a million times more weight. What is better than someone saying I’m sorry though… For me? I rather hear, I apologize. It just has a certain ring to it that screams sincerity.

Secondly, and more importantly, we move on to thanking someone. Thanking someone… I feel… should be sincere. They have done something to benefit you. In some cases, it doesn’t benefit them at all.

Fact is… What is better than hearing that not only are they acknowledging the fact that you did something for them, but hearing that they appreciate you. Some people don’t even do the former… This is something I learned when I moved down south. Hearing, “I appreciate you,”  creates a great feeling and that is a fact. Yet another set of words that screams sincerity.

I’ve tried my best to use these two options more than I’m sorry or Thank you. If someone does something for me, I want them to know I appreciate them, and what they do for me.

So, blogging world…

I appreciate you giving me the chance to rant [in a positive way] about the insincere people that walk our earth.

You can thank me later… 😉