Two hipsters/amazing artists, two basketball players, a skater and a culinary genius. This is [me] and five of my best friends. (Just for the record) Some of the gems I hang with are missing. Either way, these are the young men that I have chose to not only affiliate myself with, but I have chose to live with them for the past three years of my collegiate life. I didn’t throw this picture on here to brag about how great my friends are though… Well wait.. that isn’t completely true, but still…

In my previous post I mistakenly uttered the words “open up”, when explaining what some people should do rather than shut themselves off from the world because of mere distrust. Not what I meant, so here it is.

If you agree with everything your friends say, open up your network because you aren’t growing one bit. My friends and I… we fight. Wait, maybe argue is the word I am looking for. Sometimes it seems that everything we talk about turns into a debate… and guess what?

I appreciate it more and more everyday. 

I gain new perspectives like it is my job to do so. In case you read my earlier post, this is exactly what other people need.

If you notice that you don’t ever disagree with the wonderful people that you surround yourself with… expand your network. Now, please don’t get confused. I never said get new friends. I said expand your network.

Too many people get caught up hanging around the same group. They are never challenged to think in a way that is completely different. The reason I labeled my friends (beside the fact that it is true) … was only to show you how far outside of my comfort zone I went.

I play college basketball… (and no I’m not bragging.) Now, one perk of being a collegiate basketball player at any level is you have a set group of friends before you arrive for your freshman year. You are going to workout with them, practice with them, eat with them, travel with them, study with them… I think you get the point.

The easiest thing college athletes can do is live or hangout with their team. Your schedules are the same and you are already comfortable with them. The best decision I made in college was living with people outside of my team. It gave me a chance to think differently in every aspect of my life.

I think you understand my point. Expanding your network is a choice to grow as a person. Again, you don’t have to open the floodgates of your personal life to anyone and everyone… but at the very least, get out of your comfort zone.

You only grow when you are outside your comfort zone.