First off, Thank you to all the wonderful fathers out there.

A special thanks to my dad, Mike Mitchell!


(Never smiling for pictures. The usual.)

I know I am late to the game. Father’s Day is over and the imminent selfies on social media have officially concluded. (mostly)

I wanted to share a piece of advice that my dad gave me. The best advice I have been given to this date. Some of you may know how my dad flourishes me with advice. I don’t always agree with the advice he gives me. Either way… I listen closely. His best advice to me was…


These five words have proved to be some of the most powerful in my lifetime. My dad gave me this advice when we were on our way [ironically] to the Boston, Springfest AAU basketball tournament where my recruitment to play  at SUNY Plattsburgh would start. We had just stopped to get something to eat at Burger King along with some of my teammates. We walked in, ordered, filled our drinks and were waiting for our food. Two people were arguing loudly over a table that they both swore was theirs. I couldn’t help but stare. There were seats open everywhere. 

They gave out our food and I was eating before getting to the car. Before I got in, my dad looked at me and said, “What did you learn?” I could tell the look on my face was nothing less than confused. Was I supposed to learn anything?

So I told him, “Nothing?”

He says… “Well, you should of. Take something away from everything. If you didn’t learn anything from them, you just wasted your time staring at two ignorant people arguing over a seat in an empty fast food restaurant.”

And that is exactly what I did. I wasted my time… but not anymore. I began processing every situation I entered. Not that I was being too analytical but, I was learning. The end of my days turned into a review of what I learned. Sometimes it was a complicated message and sometimes simplistic. Either way, it was almost enlightening. To this day, I still think about what happened in the last 24 hours. I always ask myself if I learned anything and I will always pass this advice out to others searching for purpose.

So, I challenge you to try it. 

Take something away from everything you do. Otherwise, you will waste your time staring at two ignorant people arguing over a seat in an empty fast food restaurant.