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I am one of Felicia’s Picks! Woohoo!

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I have finally gotten around to Felicia’s Picks of which I missed last week, so, without further ado enjoy this week’s picks!

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  1. Military Spouses or Significant Others: This article actually brought up something that I was actually unaware of. What do you all think about military spouses/significant others basically sharing credit for the work that the people in the military do.
  2. I Do: A similar opinion on the case of Michael Brown; apparently, I’m not the only one saying these things about the state America is in.

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I’m Having Nightmares!

It’s happening. This is one of those times that you feel like you have to reminisce on all the good times you have had. You have to change overnight because things are going to be completely different around here. In reality, nothing is changing besides the fact that I can go to a restaurant and buy myself an ice cold draft beer. Yup, I am turning 21 soon. 

Obviously you don’t know my friends very well, unless you are my friends, in which case you do my friends. Woah… confusing. Anyway, all my friends at college are 21 already and they are eagerly waiting for the youngin’ to turn 21. I will admit that I am eagerly waiting as well. It is going to feel pretty great to go out with my friends! I’m ready to join the club. 

You see, I keep having this horrible dream though. As some of you know, I live in Alabama during the summer because my parents moved, so I have an Alabama license. I go to college in New York though. I keep having this nightmare that on my 21st birthday, at 12 o’clock, I am going to walk up and hand the guy my ID and he is going to look at me like I have 3 heads. “Alabama? Did this kid really just hand me an Alabama ID?” Obviously they see fake IDs too much because it is a college town, so what do you think this guy is going to say when I hand him an Alabama ID on the first weekend of the school year when a million people try to use fake IDs?

So yeah, I keep having nightmares that the guy is going to take my ID and turn me away on my 21st birthday, then I will sit there arguing with him and be that guy that holds up the line. That would be terrible and I hope it doesn’t happen. Either way, I’m going to the Plattsburgh Brewery on Saturday and it is going to be wonderful! 

Yay being oldish!

Voice Your Opinion And Encourage Conversation.

If you are friends with me on facebook, you have probably noticed my several posts about the Michael Brown investigation. I do apologize if anyone feels I’ve been disrespectful while voicing my opinion. Although I like to be involved in the discussion, I’m not a disrespectful person. I won’t apologize however for voicing my opinion, because that is what I do.

The entire case has frustrated me and of course many other people across the nation, so you can probably relate. This post isn’t to argue whether or not it is self defense or murder. This post is for the adults that are discouraging younger people from posting on facebook about this investigation and the news in general. 

I’ve seen adults tell younger people, “Stick to topics you know something about,” and “Another young ignorant kid trying to get facebook likes.” Personally, I have a huge problem with this. When did some adults start discouraging the interest in politics and the news? Aren’t we supposed to encourage younger people to be involved, have an opinion, derive information from sources, and ultimately create an opinion? Well, that is what I have done. (That includes myself by the way, I am not older yet!)  

I created an opinion and I wanted to share it with my facebook friends in order to gain other perspectives. I didn’t swear at anyone, call them an ignorant idiot, or challenge their intelligence. I understand that not everyone is like that though. People don’t always swerve away from name calling or discouraging people from sharing their opinions. I understand that, but when you find someone that does conduct themselves in a way that isn’t disrespectful, why would you discourage their participation in any debates? 

I’ve learned a couple things in the last two days. My participation in debates with people online shows me why I surround myself with the people I am talking too. Even though the people I have debated with are either family members or good friends, I won’t let it get in the way of our relationship. No one is going to discourage me from posting and debating with my family isn’t going to force a gap in our relationship. I respect the people I have talked to, and I find the more I talk to them the more objective I become in situations like this, even though the Michael Brown case has brought out many emotions. 

I guess my point is that I encourage people to voice their opinion. Voice your opinion because you can’t gain perspectives without reading and hearing other thoughts. If you can’t voice your opinion and try to stay objective on the computer, how will you do the same in person? Either way, facebook and any other social media site is a medium made for your thoughts. If someone can’t take the fact that you want to voice your opinion in whatever subject you decide, then they aren’t worth your time. Fortunately, I have only had that problem once in the past couple of days. 



ferguson hands up


If you haven’t read about Michael Brown and the shooting by the Ferguson, Missouri police department, I suggest that you do so now. I’m not going to tell you the entire story as to what happened to Michael Brown because this isn’t journalism, it’s blogging. This post is to tell you what I think about the police in ferguson and around the country. I also want to spew some hatred towards white America because I think we have officially dropped the ball. 

First, get it out of your system. If you are going to comment saying that black people bring this on themselves or cops shoot too early because they always feeling threatened… Do me a favor and go back to being an undercover racist somewhere else. That isn’t the point of this post. Call me a coward for not wanting to hear your comments. I DO NOT CARE.Ferguson

Picture by: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters




Fact is, he was shot over 30 feet away from the vehicle, was unarmed, and had already been shot at least once before that. I want to ask a question now. How “threatened” can a police officer feel when someone is running away from you after you have already shot him at least once? Can an injured man who is running away from you, really feel that threatening? 

I don’t know how you can answer yes to that question. And if you can’t answer yes to that question, then Michael Brown was murdered. Here is my other problem. What is one of the first things that the police department does when a murder happens? I would guess they look for eye witnesses, but maybe I am wrong. 

Picture by: Trymaine Lee for MSNBC Dorian Johnson

Dorian Johnson (above) was the young man walking with Michael Brown. He witnessed the entirety of the confrontation and shooting. He has done three different interviews, one with MSNBC, but hasn’t been interviewed by the Ferguson Police Department. It seems that everyone knows the details of Dorian Johnson’s story except the Ferguson Police Department. This tells me that the police department is NOT putting effort towards investigating this incident murder. 

My problem with white America starts right there. If this kid was white and the closest eye witness hadn’t even been interviewed yet, there would be a much bigger problem. White america would be moving heaven and earth to find out why and change it. I don’t see white people making a social media presence for Michael Brown because they don’t care. I find this to be a problem. Where is the humanity in all of you? I don’t see blog posts about this murder, tweets about it, facebook posts about it; I don’t see posts from white people that is. 

ferguson hands up

Picture by: Scott Olsen/Getty Images

If this were a white person, the uproar of white America would be much louder than it is now. This is what makes America the country that it is. Yes we have freedom. Yes we can speak out against any issue that we see fit. The problem is that the majority of white America doesn’t see the picture above as a problem in our country.


(Pictures are not mine and I give full credit to the photographers that took the pictures.)

I’m Ready To Stop Limping

I’m no almost a week into the recovery of my second hernia surgery and things are moving along so far. I don’t remember how long it took me to officially start walking normally after my last surgery, but I can tell you now that I am more than ready to stop limping! 

I am getting impatient though. I can’t lift anything over five pounds. I can’t walk for more than a couple minutes before I am either tired or in pain. BUT, I am not looking for a pity party. I don’t like pity parties and I definitely don’t need one. 

Fact is, I am ready to stop limping. I am ready to get back to normal life when I can get bowls off the top shelf for my mom and go for a run to get in shape for basketball. I usually don’t ask time to fly by because I know how short life is and how we really should cherish the time we have, but I wouldn’t mind time to fast forward to the point when I can actually walk normally. I want to start getting back in shape for basketball and preparing myself for the inevitable rocket launch into my future career. 

Oh and when I get to that point, time can do me a favor and pause. :)

What Do You Fear?

Everyone has something that they fear. Usually if you ask people what they fear they will give a generic answer like spiders, snakes, or heights. I’m not scared of any of those, yet spiders do creep me out a little bit. I’m curious to know what other people are REALLY afraid of though. 

Personally, I am afraid of many things. They are bigger fears than animals or insects though. My biggest fear is not being able to take care of my family. That includes my parents/sister and my future wife and kids. I fear that I will be living paycheck to paycheck. My everyday stressors will be the worry that I can’t pay my mortgage; water bill; electric bill… you get the point. To add onto that, there is college tuition. I won’t even go into the whole college tuition subject though. Oh, and that is in an effort to avoid a nervous break down. 

I’m a senior in college, or at least I am about to be. I am two semesters, ten months, and 30 credits away from graduating and being catapulted into adulthood. My biggest fear is the interviews though. These professional people sit in their comfortable chairs firing questions at me in an effort to make me slip up so they can say, “NEXT” and I’ll slowly get up and do the walk of shame. That is easily my biggest fear; the interview. I fear that I won’t be good enough. I fear that they will see right through the well-rounded student athlete that I think I am and they will see a lazy, procrastinator that spent his college career staying up too late and playing super smash bros. 

All I can do is prepare myself. For the last three years I have been trying to prepare myself for the real world. Have I done an adequate job? I don’t know yet. I will find out when I walk in for my first interview. 

So, what do you fear?


ten things I wish I knew before college.


Every one of these are true. I learned all of these in college, especially that there is a way to avoid the freshman 15 and still eat Mac N Cheese at 3 a.m! :)

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When you walk through the doors on your first day of College, don’t be mislead. Don’t think you’re the only one with a colour-coordinated map of your classes, stashed in your pocket. Don’t think you’re the only one on the phone with your childhood friends, giggling about the ‘college boys’ you’re walking amongst. And most importantly, don’t think you’re the only one lost, confused, and so far from your normal.

1. There is a way to balance school and a social life and yes, sometimes it will mean staying in on a Friday night or sleeping in through an 8 a.m. class.

2. There is nothing more scary yet exciting then the freedom that is college. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but a few phone calls home will always keep you grounded.

3. Leaving High School doesn’t mean leaving the ‘popular kids’ and in class cliques. It should however mean…

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