Mission Probably Accomplished

To trust someone and to always believe someone are two completely different ideas. It sounds like plain rubbish and if you decide to click off my page because that first sentence was vaguely disgusting, I don’t blame you… But if you leave now, don’t come back, you wordpress feign!!!!! Just kidding come back.

Like I was saying, to trust someone and to always believe someone are two different ideas. I’ll tell you why. I trust my girl friend. Okay, I get a little jealous sometimes but stick with the subject damnit! Say we are having a conversation about food (because we do like to talk about food) and she is talking about all the restaurants she likes. Well, I have no reason to second guess her decisions on what restaurants she likes or dislikes because why would anyone lie about that? Not only that but I have no reason to stop trusting that she is telling me the truth. Of course she is telling the truth because I trust her. She doesn’t lie. Ah, you see there is a problem there, because she does lie. See this is where trusting and believing cross paths. 

I believe my girl friend when she says that she loves Red Lobster because who am I to second guess her restaurant choices? Plus I trust her. BUT, when my girl friend tells me that she did not eat the last of the oreo cookies, there is one thing I no for sure…. She is looking me in the face and lying! There is no way she could have looked at the last four oreo cookies and put them back in the cupboard just so I can eat some oreo cookies later! Do you know why?? Because she likes oreos as just much as I do, if not more and I would never leave the last four cookies in the cupboard. 

So, this post really didn’t have anything to do about trusting someone or believing someone. I just miss my girlfriend, I’m excited to see her in three days, and I really want some oreos. I hope she brings oreos to my house on her way here. By the way, I know she reads my blog and that was my effort to get her to bring me oreos.

Mission probably accomplished. (stay tuned for the results)

Lottery Of The Mind.

We all have taken the time to think about what we would do. If we picked the numbers correctly, or bought the ticket at the right time, what would we do? Everyone has an answer too. People think that the pressure of being handed a lump sum of cash, north of 20 million dollars, would be a walk in the park. Problem is that we see person after person, winner after winner, fail miserably at the one thing that everyone thinks they can do. Handle winning the lottery. 

If you told me that you haven’t thought about what you would do if you won the lottery or ran into an excessive amount of cash, I would absolutely tell you that you are a liar. I have done it. I even like to ask people what they would do. I think it is interesting. I think it shows what kind of person you are in a way. See, when I asked myself the question, “What would I do if I won the lottery?” I become this responsible, money saving, financial advisor. I act like I would pay off my parents house, my tuition, and my girlfriends tuition. Oh, and then I would retire for a year in South Carolina until I got bored playing golf while feeling as if I am 65 years old.

In the realest terms, I would probably blow large chunks of money on a Lotus Elise and a trip to Vegas for my 21st birthday (which may I remind you is in 32 days from right now, don’t forget!) I would probably buy some shares of a business that I would most likely lose. I would probably want to drop out of school because, “What do I need a degree for anymore?” It would be fun while it lasted at least. I’ve never been rich before, so I guess it would be a shock for someone to tell me I don’t have to worry about the amount of basketball shoes I buy. (My downfall) but anyway, I am really interested in you. I want to know what other people would do if they won the lottery. Let us say, 50 million dollars. I want to know what other people would do with their wealth. I am sure I will hear, “I would donate loads of money to charity because I want to help people,” and although I would love to believe everyone would do that, it is not very realistic. 

I still want to know what you would do with your wealth though! Buy a car, house and golf course? I don’t know! You can buy whatever is in your imagination and budget. Either way, I would like to hear about it. :)

My Newsfeed Is Clogged.

I’ve learned something important in the past couple weeks. I’m not saying its a fact. It is just what I learned and it has started to annoy me more as of the last couple days.

You know that person that is always on facebook preaching about these complex issues that our society has and claims he or she has the answer? Well, sometimes I compare myself to that person. Because many times on this blog I am saying what is wrong with this world and the people in it. The difference is I usually preach about smaller problems such as respect, politeness or any other common problem we have such as losing faith. I don’t look into the complexity of this society as a whole. Just the mainstream issues I guess.

What irks me the most is the people that are correcting everyone on their behavior during their free time are the culprits themselves. It is the guys that claim they are “searching for a good girl” but yet they are also searching for hammered girls at house parties. Girls do the same thing. You are going on a date with a guy who tried to hook up with you at the bar the first five minutes you talked to him? Sounds like you were searching hard for a good guy. I’m not saying its impossible for that guy to be a good guy. I’m saying that you are the person ranting on facebook and twitter about how there are no good guys/girls left. Meanwhile, you are searching in all the wrong places.

Why do you feel the need to rant bout things that you yourself do on a daily basis? It just confuses me. I have at least mentioned in quite a few of my blogposts that I am not perfect and I am working on these things just like everyone else is/should be. I’m working on it and I won’t talk about it unless I am trying to improve. Why don’t you spend more time working on your life and your own flaws instead of trying to pull down other people with your careless and worthless rants on the face book. It would make my life easier and my newsfeed a little less clogged.

My Summer “Plans”

As many other students do, I planned on working for the summer to save some money for my upcoming year at college. That was my plan, but like any other plan, it can change. My plan for the summer changed.

To make a long story short, I had to have surgery. It wasn’t a major, life-saving surgery or anything though. I ripped a muscle working out and needed to get it stitched up. The location of the surgery would take me away from working and working out for about two months. I decided that if I was going to be sitting on my couch the whole summer recovering, I was going to do something productive. 

I took to the internet. By suggestion from one of my professors, I started reading a book, updating my LinkedIn and creating my own blog. It was one of the only ways that I can sit on the couch without losing all productivity. (I don’t think Netflix would have helped me any way.)   I figure social media is an important part of public relations, so why not connect my stagnant summer with my advancement as a public relations student? This was a perfect time to get a head start in my web design and production class. I would have to learn to html code during this class, or I could teach myself some tricks during summer. I became a tutor and a student. 

Although I am nothing close to a master yet, I have been learning more about driving traffic to my website and search engine optimization. As communications coordinator for the Plattsburgh PRSSA chapter, I will work on driving traffic to our website to gain awareness of what we do on campus. I want more of the students and faculty to know the advantages of joining our PRSSA chapter. 

If I learned anything this summer, it was to be productive even during your down time. I could of sat around and watched Netflix all summer, but I made a better choice. As I transition into my last year at SUNY Plattsburgh, I want to put a positive stamp on other public relations students. One way I can do that is to prepare for my final year and word hard towards elevating the major as a whole. Although I am still in the process of preparing myself, I think I will be ready to have a successful year in all aspects of my role as a senior. 



So I took a couple days of from blogging. I don’t really know why I felt like taking a break, but I did. I will be taking another break about five days from now when my girlfriend gets here. I’ve never been more excited to see someone. It has officially been over two months and I am ready to end the streak.

That makes me think a lot about people are in the military (and deploy) while in a committed relationship. I commend all of you because I don’t think I could do it. I don’t know if actually have the will power to be with someone if I don’t see them for months at a time. I think it’s pretty amazing.

Either way, I haven’t seen my girl for 2 months and I’m excited. Every time she travels to Alabama to see me, she can’t stop talking about feeding the ducks! We go over to a business (which coincidentally my dad works now) and feed bread to the ducks and fish that live in a man-made pond. It’s actually amazing the size of the fish that we get to feed, for such a small pond.

Sometimes simplicity is enough. Sometimes spending 50 dollars on a nice meal is less fun than eating a ham and cheese sandwich and feeding the ducks. :)

That is what I will be doing in five days.

We Are Afraid Of A Little Change.

A little background information about me before I begin the actual post. I decided that I was going to attend SUNY Plattsburgh during my second semester junior year of high school. Even though Plattsburgh was the last school that I visited, I felt like I couldn’t go to college anywhere else. Well I could, but I didn’t want to. I graduated high school in 2011 and started attending Plattsburgh after summer concluded. Within the first two months my parents decided to move to Alabama. My reaction was “Why the hell are you moving to Alabama?” I feel like anyone else would have the same reaction. I mean it is Alabama.

Within two months, I moved to a new home, moved in with a weird roommate (Ezra, and he knows he is weird) and changed the scenery of my entire life for the next nine months. To top it all off, when I left for the summer I wouldn’t even be going home. I would be traveling to Alabama to meet more new people, to live in a new home, and to work at a new place with new bosses and new co-workers. Oh shit, my entire life is new! 

And the post begins.

Why was I afraid of changing so much? Probably but I didn’t wan to change. I like my friends, my high school, my quiet-type town (with loud rumors.) I loved it all actually. Actually, if it wasn’t for the non-stop snow during the winter and the extremely high property tax, I would want to raise my kids in New Hampshire. Anyway, I am not sure why I was afraid to move with my family. Besides, moving with your family shouldn’t scare me because it’s not like I don’t know anyone, right? 

I guess moving wasn’t the big deal though. It was the change of scenery. It’s the fact that when I walk into my house, there isn’t a little bench on my left that I can sit on to take off my shoes. It’s the fact that when I tell my friends where I live, I can no longer say, “Where my grandma used to live.” It’s not possible anymore. 

I guess that is my answer then. People are okay with the fact that everything is changing into something new. The scary part is that what you know, or rather knew, is gone. You have to put those memories behind you in an effort to be a productive part of society in the world of change. Within three years, I have moved 4 hours away from home, then 21 hours away from home, met new friends, forgot old friends, gained inspiration from an unlikely candidate, and found the girl I plan to be with for the rest of my life. 

We break through the walls of adversity every day. From the death of a best friend, an eating disorder, or a fall that leaves us handicapped, we break through the walls of adversity every day.

And to think that even for a second, we are afraid of a little change. 


I’ve always imagined aliens coming down from outer space with their flashy spaceships and weird shaped heads. Some people (specifically my girlfriend) has no interest in seeing anything that doesn’t already live on earth. On the other hand, I am different.

First, I think there is other living ‘things’ out there. There has to be in my mind. I think of it this way; If we haven’t identified every living organism on our planet, how can we possibly think we have identified every organism on every other planet? We haven’t even been able to explore every planet out there which to me means that we have no idea what is living.

I don’t even have the slightest clue what I would think aliens look like but it doesn’t really matter. I want to see an alien! In my lifetime, I hope I see an alien and hopefully they are friendly. That would completely ruin seeing an alien if they tried to exterminate the human race. Anyway, I kind of want to know if anyone else would like to see an alien or if they rather stick with the organisms already on earth?



What? You don’t want to meet ET??